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look, she's not okay.

look, she's not okay.

Behind my smile there are self harm, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, insomnia and a lot of hate. I think this means I am a self-destructive girl.
Music saves my life, and I am in love with bands.
If you care, talk to me -Italian, English or German- or press that magic botton for follow. Uh, I've got something else to say: to the person reading this, you deserve to be happy. So smile, because someone loves you, and that someone is me. ❤
Stay strong.
Love, Ilaria.
[feel free to ask for my IG, snapchat or skype]


2 million-ish people in a bed building a fort yeeee

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Things I'm bad at:singing
Things I do a lot:sing


this is really selfish but

why can’t mental illness be like any other kind of sickness where you go to hospital and your loved ones come and give you flowers and tell you that they love you and hold your hand and make sure you get better

why doesn’t that happen instead of awkward silences and embarrassing tears and messy bedsheets and a bunch of other stuff no one actually talks about

w h y

I can’t find a single selfish thing in that.

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wow imagine having a boyfriend like a living breathing person who wants to spend time with u and kiss u and make u happy

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I don’t hate school because “i’m a teenager” no i hate it because who the fuck wants to wake up at 6 in the morning and go to a place where all you feel is stupid and judged. yeah no one ok

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